Sunday, November 29, 2020

Digital Marketing In The Market Research Industry - 3 Best Practices

Digital marketing is like a puzzle that marketers are constantly trying to solve. There are some latest trends, trying to figure out the newest apps and social platforms. In Digital marketing, I have seen some successful campaigns. That time I was a learner. I have developed some tried and true best practices that stretch across multiple areas of Digital Marketing. My recent task is to marketing within the market research space and it has allowed me to apply techniques. I have learned and test numerous strategies. Here are some tips, I have uncovered for using digital marketing in the market research space. Know your audience: In this, we are talking about market researchers and marketers. As an audience, they will see right through a generic message that you post all over the internet. So keep this in your mind. 1- Segment your audience- It may be an email, social media or ads, most advertising channels allow for some sort of audience segmentation. By doing this you will be able to send the right content to right people at the right time. 2- Always customize your message - Always be as specific to your audience as possible in your messaging. Make sure that your ad is something relevant to them. 3- Be Honest about brand awareness - Consider if this is a brand new audience or one that may have already been exposed to your business. This will help to drive how high level or in-depth you should go with your messaging. Test your messaging and learn from it : It may be your keywords or benefit statements, try with different approaches and see what sticks. 1- Set objectives going into the test. 2- Start with splits tests. 3- Test across all channels. Track conversions: If possible, take the time to set up conversion tracking, it will help you to an understanding of what drives your audience to convert and allow you to optimize your campaigns which is based on conversion and increase the budget by excluding those who have already converted. Most of these best practices hold true for a wide array of digital marketing channels. Display and Search Ads: 1- Leverage keywords to reach the right audience 2- Segment with social media - Social media channels know a lot about people. Test with a different audience to see who is most engaged with your content. 3- Get specific with messaging. There are a lot of different ways to reach your audience and this will continue to evolve, but if you are looking for ways to just get started don't forget to segment, test, and track. The author is working in Audacious Systems Design Pvt Ltd as Digital Marketing Executive. If you need any help email: or call at: 0120-4299229.

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